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Next-level customer engagement from ScanCode. Design fully customizable animated QR codes that get noticed and deliver results.
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Independent businesses + brands

ScanCode makes it simple for customers
to interact with your products and services.

We currently serve solopreneurs, SMBs, creative professionals and auxiliary groups in various industries.

QR client engagement + conversion platform | content integrations

Engage + convert
QR platform

ScanCode uses animated QR codes & interactive content to capture audience attention and convert customers.

Integrate key elements of your business or brand
into compelling, professionally-curated templates
that incorporate:

  • QR client engagement + conversion platform | ScanCode - payment integration


  • QR client engagement + conversion platform | ScanCode - QR code product information integration

    Product & service information

  • QR client engagement + conversion platform | ScanCode - QR code order processing integration

    Order processing

  • QR client engagement + conversion platform | ScanCode - QR code social media integration

    Social media & websites

  • QR client engagement + conversion platform | ScanCode - QR code visual & audio integration

    Video, image & audio content

  • QR client engagement + conversion platform | ScanCode - QR code marketing & outreach integration

    Marketing & outreach

QR client engagement + conversion platform | ScanCode - real-time


Move beyond normal business hours to reach
customers 24/7, 365. That’s timely CX at its best.


Engage clients anywhere they have a smartphone
and internet access. Leverage the convenience of ScanCode to influence customer behavior and promote your business or brand on-the-go.

QR client engagement + conversion platform | ScanCode - growth chart

When CX leads,
revenue follows

ScanCode recognizes that great customer experience builds brand loyalty. Our interactive QR codes engage customers in real-time to accelerate business or brand growth.

QR client engagement + conversion platform | ScanCode - QR Design Studio

Elevate your CX with
ScanCode in 5 steps

Manage QR code content from our intuitive platform. Customizable templates make it easy to feature essential brand information.

  • Create a free account

  • Sign up for a plan

  • Design your QR code

    Create interactive solutions with a few simple clicks using our QR Design Studio.

  • Design your QR landing page

  • Download your project

ScanCode pricing plans

Monthly and annual subscriptions available, click to see
full plan details. Learn more


(5 codes, 1 landing page template)

$12 / monthly
  • Revisable, intuitive content
  • Animated & standard QR codes
  • Template & image galleries
  • Unlimited scans & downloads
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(10 codes, 5 landing page templates)

$23 / monthly
  • Everything in Starter
  • Add logo to QR code
  • Expanded animation library
  • Create template collections
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(20 codes, 10 landing page templates)

$34 / monthly
  • Everything in Pro
  • Full animation library
  • Concurrent template suite
  • File formatting & resolution options
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CX Stats


80% of customers say the experiences provided by companies are as important as the products and services.


CX drives over 67% of customer loyalty, more than brand and price combined.


86% of buyers will pay more for better CX.


Engaged customers spend 300% more per year.

Frequently asked questions

How is ScanCode different from other QR code companies?

ScanCode is not a QR code generator; we do not provide QR codes that redirect to existing websites like most companies. Nor do we produce codes to use in marketing campaigns. Rather, we exclusively offer QR codes that display interactive, customized landing pages with call-to-action elements when scanned. We focus on QR codes that strengthen client experience (CX) and grow your brand.

Why should I use ScanCode?

ScanCode delivers solutions to improve your customer experience (CX). Our QR code platform allows you to design, edit and manage projects that add value to your business or brand by promoting connection, continuity, efficiency and user action in real-time. This interactive format supports client engagement, which facilitates business growth.

I don’t have time or interest to design QR codes or landing pages, is ScanCode easy to use?

Yes, we created our QR code platform with busy solopreneurs, SMBs and independent creators in mind. Our user-friendly platform walks you through each step of the design process with prompts and clickable interfaces. And our customizable templates, which you can save in a collection for future use, make it easy to create an interactive QR code solution in less than 15 minutes.

What information can I connect to my QR code?

With ScanCode, you can directly integrate many business or brand features into your QR landing page. Our templates provide the opportunity to incorporate payment, audio, video and image content as well as other types of information.

What are animated QR codes and why should I use them?

Animated QR codes are motion-driven and give the appearance of depth, rotation or length. Animated codes quickly capture user attention and provide a way to differentiate your brand. Their video format improves visual appeal, which increases the probability of being scanned.

What’s the difference between animated QR codes and standard QR codes?

Animated QR codes are 3-dimensional and require a digital screen for viewing. Standard QR codes are 2-dimensional and can be displayed in both digital or print mediums.

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